What is TRAC?

TRAC Reports present specifically defined measurements for determining progression or regression of a disease process. The data delineates changes of tumor burden in a visually compelling manner and may improve effectiveness when communicating with patients and other providers.

Example TRAC Report Download

Why Use TRAC?

• Standardized tumor response.

• Quality Control.

• Centrally funded.

How We Perform TRAC:

• Receive request form.

• Identify images and clarify requests.

• Perform tumor response analysis.

• Subject to quality control process.

• Deliver final approved TRAC report.

Target/Index Response Graph:

Lesion Data:
Lesion Comparison Images:

How to Order TRAC Reports:

Download the TRAC Request form, fill it out, and email it to threedqlab@stanford.edu.

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TRAC News:

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