3D Printing in Medicine

The 3DQ Lab’s Clinical 3D Printing Service is a part of our Surgical Support Program, which also includes Stanford’s Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center.

Don’t forget to check out our RSNA 2016 presentation, “The Essential Guide to Starting a Clinical 3DP Program.

If you have any questions, you can always contact the lab: 3DQ Lab 3D Printing Team

Our printers and materials:

  • Stratasys J735: Agilus30 (flexible), Vero in opaque colors & clear
  • Stratasys F170: dark gray ABS, black TPU
  • Formlabs Form3: Clear (rigid), Elastic (translucent)
  • Formlabs Form3B: BioMed Clear
  • Ultimaker S5: PLA in various colors, gray ABS, black TPU, white TPU

A sampling of the 3DQ Lab’s 3D prints are below.