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TRAC Mission

TRAC team provides a standardized approach to the multi-faceted process of evaluating tumor response. We use internationally established response criteria to provide quantitative assessments of tumor therapy response. Our efforts simplify the process for clinicians and principal investigators to attain comprehensive tumor response assessments. Ultimately, these reports provide straightforward and transparent results which can be shared with patients, thereby improving the patient experience.

What is TRAC?

TRAC stands for Tumor Response Assessment by Criteria, which describes a service of reviewing medical imaging modalities with identification and measurements of characterization tumor burden/response. The TRAC reports provided are simultaneously morphologic annotations and calculations of tumor response


The Lesion Overview Chart illustrates how individual target lesions have responded in a stacked chart. This can help delineate graphically the relative response between all target lesions identified.

TRAC reports provide detailed measurements for each target, non-target, and other findings as needed per response criteria. Additionally, the series and slice measured is included for ease of finding lesions in PACS or other.

Lesion Snapshots provide a glimpse into the actual portion of the radiology image which was measured, and shows the outline of the measurement along with the details of the measurement below the image.

How to Order TRAC Reports

1. In the ordering interface, at the questions “What type of special image processing is requested, select “Tumor Response Assessment”.

2. Indicate whether this patient is known to participate in a research trial.

3. REQUIRED: Select response criteria. Choose only what is required for care or documented research.

4. Indicate whether the CT/MRI is a baseline or follow-up time point for response. REQUIRED: If follow-up, provide baseline date (when current treatment began.

5. Provide contact info so that we may ask questions when necessary.

Enter one of the following orders and also answer the special image processing questions for Tumor Response Assessment.

  • CT 3D Tumor Response Evaluation
  • MR 3D Tumor Response Evaluation
  • PET 3D Tumor Response Evaluation

If EPIC ordering is not possible, please use the link below. PHI entry is permitted within that form.

TRAC Team Services


Stanford 3DQ Lab TRAC team has provided more than 5000 timepoint responses to date. To include:

  • 2500+ RECIST 1.1
  • 750 Lugano/Cheson
  • 300+ irRECIST 1.1
  • 225+ irRC

Stanford 3DQ Lab TRAC Team has provided tumor response assessments for more than 100 trials since 2015.

More than 30 PIs have utilized tumor response reports from TRAC Team.

Criteria Offered

  • RECIST 1.1
  • irRECIST
  • imRECIST
  • irRC
  • Cheson
  • CHOI
  • PCWG3
  • RECIST 1.0
  • mRECIST Mesothelioma
  • Lugano
  • WHO
  • RECIST 1.1 / iRECIST

TRAC Team Reports by Fiscal Year

2021 - 1200 - TRAC reports
2020 - 950 - TRAC reports
2019 - 675 - TRAC reports
2018 - 850 - TRAC reports

Assessment Criteria Distribution

  • Cheson/Lugano
  • RANO
  • irRC
  • imRECIST

Meet the TRAC Team

Hans-Cristoph Becker

Radiologist – Approver



Keshni Kumar

Technologist – Assessor



Darryl Mendoza

Technologist – Assessor



Chris LetrongChris LeCastillo

Technologist – Assessor



Shannon Walters

Technologist – Manager



Shenali Dalpethado

Admin. Specialist – Organizer



Joanne Macasieb

Admin. Specialist – Organizer



Raman Venkatramen

Data Specialist – Developer



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