The 3D and Quantitative Imaging Laboratory is dedicated to exploring and developing innovative visualization and post-processing techniques of medical imaging to aid in the quantitative assessment and analysis of disease diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment evaluation. We strive to apply the most advanced image processing technologies and systems to maximize the diagnostic information obtained from each imaging study to ensure clinicians provide excellent care for our patients.

Our research endeavors include developing unique post-processing protocols, spearheading interdisciplinary clinical programs, and implementing emerging technologies to help visualize the most complex of cases. Such work is possible only through close collaborations between the Department of Radiology and clinicians from other specialties, including cardiothoracic surgery, neurology, oncology, and pediatrics, as well as faculty and researchers from other school, outside institutions, and industry.

Research projects range from developing new post processing protocols for clinicians within the Department of Radiology and other specialties in the Department of Medicine, spearheading interdisciplinary programs to optimize patient care, and implementing new visualization technologies for
complex cases.