70 year old female with incidental finding of a single coronary artery that bifurcates to supply blood to the right and left sides of the heart. Image A is an oblique slab MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) displaying a single coronary artery originating from the right coronary cusp (large green arrow), which then bifurcates into the RCA, LAD, and the LCX. Image B is a volume rendered 3D image of the aortic root and coronary arteries, which displays the abnormal coronary artery anatomy. Image C is an oblique slab MIP of a different patient that displays normal coronary artery anatomy where the LAD and LCX originate from the left coronary cusp (large blue arrow) and the RCA originates from the right coronary cusp (large green arrow). Image D is a volume rendered 3D image from a different patient of the aortic root and coronary arteries displaying normal coronary artery anatomy. Images such as these are useful guides to the surgeons in making treatment planning decisions.

Marc Sofilos, RT
3DQ Lab Manager