This patient is a 73 year old male presenting with metastatic prostate cancer to the liver. Interventional Radiologists plan on performing a radioembolization of this patient’s liver to treat the cancer. Radioembolization is a procedure that is used to treat cancer by delivering radioactive particles to a tumor through the bloodstream. These radioactive particles become lodged in the tumor, killing the cancer cells. In order for the radiologists to determine how much radioisotope to inject (enough to kill the tumor but not so much that it kills the liver), they need to know the volume of the liver and the individual liver lobes. The 3DQ Lab was asked to measure the volume of each lobe of the liver from a CT scan the patient had prior to the patient’s radioembolization procedure. After specialized training, the 3DQ Lab uses state of the art software to segment the different lobes of the liver for the radiologists so that they can accurately plan the procedure and treat the patient’s metastatic liver cancer.

Linda Horst