This 60 year old female patient underwent a CT Virtual Colonoscopy exam for screening. The purpose of this exam is to examine the large intestine for cancer and growths called polyps. Patients receive a bowel preparation kit which helps to cleanse the bowel before the procedure. Just before the exam starts, a tube is inserted into the patients rectum to inflate the large intestine with air. The patient is then positioned on the CT table and given breathing instructions during the actual scanning process. The resulting images from the scan are then manipulated by physicians and 3D technologists to evaluate the anatomy of the large intestine. The green arrow on all images identifies the location of a 10mm sessile polyp found in the distal transverse colon. Image A is a 3D Volume Rendered image displaying the colon in orange, and the bones in white, and the soft tissue of the abdomen and pelvis semitransparent. Image B is a virtual reality view from inside of the colon. Image C is a CT (computed tomography) axial image. Image D is a transparent volume rendered image of the entire colon. The 3DQ Lab provides imaging that displays the pathology and anatomy for the clinician’s treatment planning process.

Marc Sofilos, RT

3DQ Lab Manager