3D Print of Cervical Spine Fracture

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Neurosurgery requested a 3D print of a patient’s cervical spine fracture to better visualize the orientation of the fracture and involvement of surrounding vessels. Below is a volume-rendered (3D) image of the area to be printed with the fracture circled in red:

The printer selected for the project was the Stratasys J750 for its full-color, multi-material capabilities. This printer can blend specific combinations of six different materials to achieve a realistic-looking model. Feedback from neurosurgery suggests that this printing technology is preferred for their purposes of visualization and simulation. Below is the actual 3D printed model with the same fracture area circled in red.

Click link for an interactive model: https://sketchfab.com/models/e119f7c26cfd45caa534d01b44c7d568

The segmentation expertise of the 3DQ Lab makes it a natural place to start and grow an anatomical 3D printing service. The interdisciplinary combination of knowledge between clinicians, technologists, and the 3D printing team enable the creation of highly effective 3D prints.