Male, 53-years old with a single gunshot wound to left jaw received comminuted fractures along the bullet trajectory from the left cheek to right superior scalp. A large right frontotemporal intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) formed along the path of this bullet. ICH has a high mortality rate and leaves most survivors disabled. However, with earlier intervention outcomes are significantly improved.
bullet entry_1a  bullet entry_2a
A right sided craniectomy was performed to remedy the damage which was caused to the right cerebral hemisphere and temporal bone area. In addition, reconstruction plates and screws were placed on mandibular fractures (Image: Post-Op) to ensure the majority of these large fracture fragments were near anatomical alignment.  The Stanford 3DQ Lab technologists generate images like those below to help guide surgeons prior to treating patients and to help in the evaluation of post-operative results.

chin pics_1a  chin pics_2a

chin pics_3b  Pre-Op Ferarra 2

Post-Op Ferarra 1

Derrick Laurel

Derrick Laurel
3DQ Technologist