46 Year old male with a family history of (CAD) CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE presenting with chest pain. A CT scan was performed to measure the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries. Upon post processing of the calcium score on a sophisticated software by a Radiologist Assistant in the 3DQ Lab, a (report) was generated with the amount of calcium in each coronary artery:

Figure B: Calcium is tagged in green in the left main coronary artery, red in the left anterior descending coronary artery, purple in the left circumflex coronary artery, and light blue in the right coronary artery.

An experienced 3DQ Lab technologist processed the acquired images to produce report giving a calcium score for each artery. All of the above reports/images were generated within a  half hour upon completion of the CT scan. This allows for quick delivery of the results to both the radiologist and the cardiologist.

Keshni Kumar
3DQ Technologist