The 3D Images above represent a 40 year old woman with a 10-15 year history of osteomas in the skull. The patient was sent for a CT Scan of the Head to evaluate the osteomas. An osteoma is an outgrowth of the bone which is benign. These tumors grow slowly and typically do not cause symptoms, however if the osteomas become large enough and compress a nerve they can impair breathing, vision, or hearing. Most osteomas can be removed endoscopically through the nasal canal but if they grow large enough they can require surgical removal. Stanford 3DQ Lab technologists generate Volume Rendered images utilizing specialized 3D software tools. The images that the 3DQ Lab provides displays the pathology and anatomy which guides the surgeons prior to treating patients.

3D volume rendered movie of entire skull

3D Reformat displaying multiple osteomas in skull

Side view of a slice from CT scan

3D Reformat displaying multiple osteomas in skull

Linda Horst