March 2017 – Airway Stenting


69 year old male with follow-up airway stent placement. Airway stents, also known as tracheobronchial prosthesis, are small tube shaped devices inserted into an airway used to treat narrow or weak airways and a variety of large airway diseases.

Y-shaped airway stent was inserted into the patent trachea and central bronchi leading to improved aeration (air circulation) with re-expansion of the formerly atelectatic (partial or full collapse of closure of lung) right middle lobe as seen on the prior study.

The Stanford 3D Technologist utilized advanced 3D software to create Volume Rendered (VR) lung volumes, curved planar reformations (CPRs) and cross-sectional Images to demonstrate pre and post stent representations of the patient’s anatomy which provides detailed diagnostic information to the physicians.

Derrick Laurel

3DQ Technologist