23 years old male with gunshot wounds to the face. There are extensive comminuted and distorted mid face bony structures with destruction of the maxilla, hard palate, sinuses, nasal cavity, and bilateral zygomatic arch (cheek bones). The left globe (eye ball) is not identified and likely ruptured. The right globe is slightly distorted in shape. there are multiple bulky bony fragments are displaced into the right orbit (eye socket) and possibly disrupting the right optic nerve.

The post operative CT scan shows multiple pieces of hardware placed to immobilize the fractures. The surgeons used a piece of the fibula (bone in the lower leg) to reconstruct the upper jaw.

The Stanford 3DQ Lab technologists are able to apply multiple technologies to create images in order to demonstrate the facial structures before and after surgery. The images provide valuable information for the doctors and surgeons to evaluate injuries/fractures and the outcome of the surgery.

Rhea Liang, RT (R) (MR) (M)
3DQ Technologist